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chinchillasforever asked:
If you had a purple unicorn what would you name it?

Quincy van der Hooves

I stopped seeking redemption, I don’t have the will to care..

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Being A Tattooed Muslima


I’ve been sick my whole life
Crohns Disease reared its ugly head when I was just a kid
I couldn’t understand, if everything happens for a reason then why was my body committing treason
But now finally free from that haunting hospital
I find myself being examined and tested all over again
Not by the cold hands of the strangers whom I blindly trusted because of a suffix they bought with their trust fund

With all the shooting, wars, and horrible things people have been doing in the last couple of years, my only explanations is that Lilith is breaking the 66 seal :O

Im lost in a fake reality built in a secret garden within my mind

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Now I’m playing with matches
All alone, here in the dark

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Perfection in a single picture.

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Where is the hope,
In a world so cold
Looking for a distant light,
Someone who could save a life
Living in fear,
That no one will hear you cry.

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I’m just tryna breathe, tryna figure it out
Because I built these wall to watch them crumbling down

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"I Feel Nothing…."

I feel nothing…

My screams fill the world, piercing the ears of those who may have listened, if any did, with heart wrenching sorrow and agony. Steel claws of a nightmares imagination glint from the corner or my eye, the hazy world tipping and turning. This was the end, I thought. Crimson wine split from within, painting the night a shade of unimaginable beauty and horror, an impeccable representation of the bloody end that lay before me.

do you ever feel yourself being annoying or antisocial but you just cant stop

Story of my life

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Stop the massacre in Gaza #yyc4Gaza

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